I am, Veronica Beltran, founder of WEPA VIDA!

I've been dubbed FUEGO - DIOSA /FIRE GODDESS  because I can't seem to stop myself from being  enthused/passionate about LIFE and desiring to be involved in almost EVERYTHING.

You won't ever miss my corazon, because, I wear it on my sleeve and I AIN"T apologizing about it.  I easily gravitate towards all things art, wellness, causes to help women and children,  travel, community, healthy grubs (yes that includes french fries and pizza in my book) and most importantly dancing wherever latin beats unite with a little bit of hip-hop and rock and roll!  

As a teenager, I often fantasized about working for a magazine, and last year that dream came true very organically as a result of doing more of what I enjoy.  I am so thrilled and honored to be part of the squad behind New  York Yoga + Life Magazine, a beautiful project showcasing all that I love, art, music, food, community, music, yoga, wellness, and urban life in NYC.

I hold two degrees from The Fashion Institute of Technology; Display & Exhibit Design and Museum Restoration Studies and have worked in fashion and finance.

Although, I've retired from doing marathons, I still enjoy racing triathlons and raising funds for charities like The America Heart Stroke Association & The Children of St. Jude


YOGA: 200 RYT | Prenatal | Restorative |SUP Yoga |

Yoga Tune Up

  OTHER: BUTI Pilates | POUND | SurfSet |

Wild Woman Project Circle Leader

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